How to Get Backlinks To Your Blog

The main gist of blogs is their interactive nature in which multiple people can participate in discussions on a certain subject matter raised by one person. In recent times there is a blog for every niche market out there. This means that website owners can select from a wide variety of blogs and identify the ones that can benefit those most.

There are however techniques that one can employ to benefit from commenting on blogs. The most basic one is that you can link your comments back to your site. However writing one comment and linking it wont make any difference. There has to be some form of consistency. You have to make regular comments to be noticed and make reader s want to read more and even further.

While it may be necessary to comment on blogs that are relevant to yours site, you can loosen up and have fine while at it. Just make comments in any blog that you enjoy reading or discuss issues that you are passionate about. What matters is at the end of the day there is a back link for every comment you make. So dont limit yourself get out there and make comments in as many blogs as you wish.

There are various platforms where people have set up blogs. This therefore means you should cast your net as wide by commenting on blogs from platforms across the board. This includes Word Press, Blogspot and any others that you come across.

An important thing to note is that, links from no follow blogs may seem a lot more natural than those from the do follow ones. Search engines regard natural backlinks more so might want to also leave comments on no follow blogs. Therefore do not bother whether the blog is no follow or not jus leave your comment.

Finally be diverse in the anchor text you use. Does not use the same one in all of your comments try to interchange it. You can even use a click here once in a while so your link looks natural.

Last but certainly not least, do not use the same piece of anchor text in your back links. Switch it up early and switch it up often. Think about how others would link to your website and what kind of anchor texts they might use. Throw a “click here” text in there every so often to make it really seem natural.


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